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Our Logo

The logo for We Beat Cancer was designed by Eileen Powers of Java Design, a graphic artist on Cape Cod. We wanted a design that described what a cancer patient goes through from the beginning to the end. We discussed the fact that we wished to talk about the journey a cancer patient and their family are on throughout their treatment. We liked the idea of a nautical knot to symbolize that journey.

Our logo shows an evergreen ribbon in a knot. The evergreen color does not refer to a color of cancer but to the color of life. When looking at the logo, the description starts on the end of the ribbon on the right. This is where the cancer patient becomes a member of the group that has heard the three most horrible words that can be heard: “You have Cancer”.

As the patient begins their journey their family, friends, caregivers, medical team and doctors surround the patient with love and support and form the knot so that the patient knows that they are not alone. A knotted ribbon is so much stronger that a straight ribbon.

As the journey continues the knot is there symbolizing the strength that everyone is giving to the patient until the patient comes out of the ribbon on the left where the knots ends and the patient can say: "We Beat Cancer”