Our Story

We Beat Cancer is a private foundation that was set up by a cancer survivor and his family to assist those who are going through what we have gone through. When Jeff Gallahue was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer his family, friends and medical team surrounded him with love and support and were blessed to say “We Beat Cancer”. The Foundation now wants to help other cancer patients and their families as they battle this dreadful disease.

We Beat Cancer works with Hospitals, Cancer Support Groups and other Foundations in the New England area to provide financial aid with parking, meals, transportation and other support services.

We provide wish list requests from area hospitals ranging from a Bose surround sound system in UMASS Worcester's cancer meditation area to a mammogram x-ray chair in Beth Israel Deaconess Needham.

We Beat Cancer is the major funder for a new children’s program whose parents have cancer. This program works with children from 4 to 12 in a well-structured, 10 week program under the supervision of a licensed and specially trained Social Worker. It is the only such program in New England.

We Beat Cancer works with oncology Nursing staffs as well as the oncology Social Workers offices to assist patients with specific needs ranging from gas cards to hotel accommodations. Since We Beat Cancer is a private foundation we must work through public foundations when helping individual patients.

“Let’s Make Pat Comfortable”

While Jeff was undergoing his treatment, his wife, Pat, was his primary caregiver. She very rarely complained but when she did, it was about the chairs that caregivers are given to sit in for up to 8 hours a day. We Beat Cancer started a campaign to “Make Pat Comfortable”. With the help of a Canton supporter of We Beat Cancer, who works in providing furniture to hospitals, we found the perfect “Let’s Make Pat Comfortable” chair. In the past three years we have placed over 125 chairs valued at over $90,000.00 in area hospitals and have received wonderful feedback from caregivers. In one hospital we have been told that the patients often sit in our chairs rather than the infusion chairs! When the Nebraska Cancer Center visited a local hospital’s cancer center they took pictures of our chair and the manufacturer so that they could put our chairs in their infusion rooms for the caregivers. Cancer doesn’t strike one individual, it strikes the whole family.

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

We Beat Cancer is a proud supporter of this great organization established by Paul Newman in 1988 to bring a different kind of ‘healing’ to children and families affected by cancer and other devastating diseases.
In October, 2013, through the generosity of our supporters and our successful annual spring Dinner-Dance fundraiser, We Beat Cancer was honored to sponsor a full weekend for young Boston-area cancer patients and their families. More than 125 individuals spent the weekend enjoying fun and activities, and simply sharing the joy of just being together for those precious few days. Those undergoing treatments and needing medical services were attended to by volunteer nurses and doctors.
Members of We Beat Cancer’s Board of Directors were onsite to help with the festivities and marvel at the capacity of giving represented by the workers, volunteers, medical teams and others who were there to support these children.
The message of hope shared by all was evident throughout the weekend. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Though they were not tears of sorrow… they were tears of hope and joy for all of those being able to be part of such a special event for those few days.
Please read more on Our Partners page as well as visiting The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and donate to We Beat Cancer for our continuing sponsorship to this great organization.

Weekend of Hope

We Beat Cancer was a proud Gold sponsor of a Weekend of Hope in Stowe, VT in May, 2014 with Jeff Gallaghue being asked to be a key-note speaker.
The Stowe Weekend of Hope offers a healthy, inspirational retreat weekend for cancer survivors and their families. The annual forum offers education, enlightenment, inspiration and retreat in the restorative environment of Stowe. This enriching experience is unique in that it provides support for the survivor, the caregiver, and family members.
We are so grateful to our generous donors who support We Beat Cancer so that we can continue our sponsorship for this valuable organization.

Thanksgiving Donation

For Thanksgiving, 2013, supporters of We Beat Cancer started a food drive at their place of employment. They hoped to give 5 cancer patients and families enough food for a complete Thanksgiving meal.
Through the generosity of their co-workers, they received enough food to fill 27 baskets for patients and families… each also contained 2 Stop & Shop Gifts cards worth $40 for the turkeys and other essentials! Boston Medical Center identified the patients who would receive these baskets and delivered them to these families.
WBC hopes this idea takes off at other organizations. If you are interested in doing this, please contact We Beat Cancer.

Making a Difference

With your generous donations, We Beat Cancer has been able to help patients with some of the financial burdens they face and local hospitals with much needed funding for various cancer patient resources.

Working with UMASS Cancer Center and Boston Medical Center, WBC has provided parking passes to patients while getting treatment.
WBC's donations provided three months of lunches for patients at UMASS CC.
Working with Patient-to-Patient Heart-to-Heart at BIDMC, WBC provided gas and food cards and assisted with mortgage and rent payments.
WBC paid for a hotel stay for a bone marrow transfer patient so that they would be near the hospital.
WBC donated to the Speech and Swallowing Clinic at BIDMC to fund the food supplement supply.
WBC donated to BID Needham for equipment to start a Speech and Swallowing clinic in their Needham facility.

These are just some of the ways that your donations help WBC make a difference in our community.

We Beat Cancer Logo

The logo for We Beat Cancer was designed by Eileen Powers of Java Design, a graphic artist on Cape Cod. We wanted a design that described what a cancer patient goes through from the beginning to the end. We discussed the fact that we wished to talk about the journey a cancer patient and their family are on throughout their treatment. We liked the idea of a nautical knot to symbolize that journey. Our logo shows an evergreen ribbon in a knot. The evergreen color does not refer to a color of cancer but to the color of life. When looking at the logo the description starts on the end of the ribbon on the right. This is where the cancer patient becomes a member of the group that has heard the three most horrible words that can be heard: “You have Cancer”. As the patient begins their journey their family, friends, caregivers, medical team and doctors surround the patient with love and support and form the knot so that the patient knows that they are not alone. A knotted ribbon is so much stronger that a straight ribbon. As the journey continues the knot is there symbolizing the strength that everyone is giving to the patient until the patient comes out of the ribbon on the left where the knots ends and the patient can say: "We Beat Cancer”